Unified Development Platform - Lightening the Mental Load

About a year ago I was musing with a few colleagues about the next big development in Software Engineering. My expectation was the “single unified monolith” that most team would be migrating back to. The voices saying that cloud offerings, and Kubernetes in particular, are much too complex where getting louder and louder.

At the time I did not write about it, as I had no idea, what form this monolith of serenity would take, or I would come from.

I have just read the very informed article “Internal Platforms"1 by João Alves. I proposes platforms specific to internal needs of an organisation to be exactly that “monolith” which I was looking for. Except that they are no monoliths, and thus provide most of the benefits but little of the drawbacks.

These internal platforms also offer a further benefit, that Joao does not sufficiently give them credit for: Translucent Abstractions as introduced by Hiltunen and Schlichting.

  1. archived 2021-04-19 ↩︎