Introducing the Three Holy Grails

Lutz Behnke
I have finally taken the time get my thoughts organized and point some points together, about how I think cloud-native systems should be build: The Three Holy Grails of DevOps. Practically none of the points I make are new or revolutionary. Quite to the contrary, I am still searching for publications that support the individual corollaries where they are missing today. Therefore please take this document less as a revelation, and more as a personal manifest.

The Three Holy Grails of DevOps

Lutz Behnke
Establishing DevOps is a change in culture. It is all about trust, personal empowerment and cooperating on a larger goal. There is neither such a thing as a DevOps-Engineer nor a DevOps team (and neither is there a Full-Stack Developer, but that is a story for another day). But there are technical and organizational steps that help to improve the effectiveness of your organization and the quality of the services you provide.