Books of Interest

Lutz Behnke
Books of interest I think that everybody who designs software systems or manages people who in turn design software software system should have read most or all of these books. I have repeatedly experience people ignoring the lessens taught by the authors of these books, sometimes even decades after publications. The books are in order of original publication, not order of preference. Especially the books (co-)written by Gene Kim make a lot more sense when read in the order of publication.

Things of Interest

Lutz Behnke
Things of (my) Interest This is a curated list of links on topics that I am interested in. I try to keep it up to day in irregular intervals. Architecture Wardley Maps Arc42 Arc42 Template Overview a set of documentation templates that help you organize information and process on designing software architectures. Software Development [](Continous Delivery): Youtube Channel of Dave Farley, Co-Author of “Continous Delivery”. Insightful content on all things software development process.